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About Me

Writer, blogger, dog lover. Trying to figure out this publishing thing.

That short and sweet statement has been my author bio for years, but

now I suppose it's time to elaborate a little more.

Welcome! I'm Courtney, a fantasy author currently working on Book 2

of the Kingsport Chronicles - A fairytale inspired series full of mermaids,

pirates, spies, and slow burn romance, all set in a queer normative society.

(Stay tuned for updates on publication of the first book in this series,

To Kiss the Sea!) If I'm not writing, you can find me working on a number

of other rotating projects and obsessing over my two rescue pups.


I’ve been running the Writing Desk Blog for seven years. There I share

author interviews, updates on my own writing, book reviews, and book

giveaways. Check out the Blog tab for more!


In March 2021, I joined a dear friend to cohost the Ticket to Ride podcast!

Come check us out on all major podcast platforms as we talk about

classic movies, Hollywood history and, of course, which books we'd love

to see made into films. Season 4 was short, but sweet. We'll be back in

2024 for Season 5!


*Official author bio & photo can be found under Press & Events

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